Theatre Performance – Afraid of the Working Class

On the 6th August 2011, I performed my first Theatre on stage, which had my adrenalin pumping on an all time high, it was like surfing a big wave and all that is going on in your mind is being in the zone.

I played three characters in a play called:

Afraid of the working class

A short play about the hard reality facing the working class in Australia’s suburbs.

Howard Boy

This guy is just rude, aggressive and does not mind showing his piece of mind, not to mention his sexual fantacies for John Howard!

Midlife Crisis Football fan

As with all 30 year Old’s this one decided to breakdown and share his thoughts on life at an inconvenient time, whilst at a football match!

Estranged Policeman

This policeman, was a bit sick upstairs, and certainly did not show his piece of mind to the two naughty girls that were caught shoplifting. He had a fetish for young teenage twins to, a weirdo to say the least.


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