Tears Before Bedtime–Directed and Written by Malcolm Frawley

Just finished a play that we performed at Sydney Theatre School. It is written and directed by Malcolm Frawley. It went really well, and it is an excellent play with all sorts of characters from Grannies discussing sex when they were younger, two crazy writers trying write a play while having an affair and some hysterical comical characters discussing their future relationship after Blake fell in love with a tall, blonde and voluptuous women on a Ski Trip.

There are some sad and serious moments in the play to where most scenes are about revealing secrets, some shameful and shocking.

The play is interesting in that you are watching a play within a play, and you get a feeling that it is being done on the fly.

Photo Album contains:

  • Scene from a family gathering in the lounge, just before Christmas, a typical couple (MUM and DAD) having an argument, whilst a mischievous before is looking at the presence and wondering what is inside of them.
  • One of the old ladies Jennifer having a discussion with close friends (Beverly and Elizabeth) who is revealing, yet another secret.
  • Dennis discussing his sexual fantasies and stories of love.
  • A discussion about Trust between Paige and Claire
  • Meg reminiscing about here “Perfect” boyfriend Silas

Written and Directed by Malcolm Frawley
CAST: Dahna Cicco, Romiko Derbynew, Tom Dickson, Marcella Franco, Felicity Davey, Heidi Stewart, Camilla Turnbull, Brian Tyo, Matthew Vautin, Sophie Else, Malinda Hayward, Kate Rutherford, Emma Warner Collins

You can download the full play script here:

Performance royalties by negotiation – contact author via malfraw@hotmail.com



A very enjoyable play to perform and be part of, and received very good reviews from the Audience, moments of laughter, sadness and uncertainty. The scene with Lilly and Blake is absolutely comical and hilarious.


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