Next generation VPN software – Wangle

I have been working in IT for over 20 years. One of the issues we often have is:

How do we provide encryption and leverage saving data usage on a mobile phone data bundle contracts.

How do we balance anonymous behavior without comprising speed thus improving security.

Finally the solution will be released within the next few days, possibly before 15 June 2016.
The software is a mobile app called Wangle.

Watch the video, showcasing how the software works.

Many mobile phone apps have huge flaws when communicating with their back end servers. Wangle will provide another layer of security to ensure it cannot be intercepted by hackers.

What is even more exciting is that Wangle will reduce your data consumption, thus saving on mobile phone bills. Exactly by how much, remains unknown, until the app is used by the masses. However, during beta phase testing PDF download speeds were 15-20 times faster.

Sign up for early discounts at Wangle’s website, with a 50% discount for the first years annual subscription.

The Chip in CISCO routers and Hubs
This is the cream on top of the cake. Wangle is busy developing a chip with a tech company in Israel, that will be installed into networking routers, hubs and multiplexers, so that Encryption, Compression and Security can be applied at the Layer3, Layer 4 networking level, which will be far more superior than running it at the application level in the OSI networking model. This means, we are looking at the first commercial VPN that provides Layer 3/4 features at the hardware level. This will blow out current SSL accelerators which just focus on SSL encryption speeds.

Wangle is looking to be the next disrupting technology that will be leverage by huge data consumers like Netflix.

I encourage those in South Africa and Australia to download the app as soon as it is available on the Google Play store and Apple Store. In a future blog post, I will be posting my own performance testing results.

With the advent of Cloud Computing, we can now combine software and hardware level features that leverage Content Delivery Network’s such as Amazon S3 and Amazon Cloud Front.

Wangle is not magic, it is real. When a user first downloads a video via the Wangle VPN, it gets redistributed to all Wangle endpoints around the world.

When another user requests the same video, instead of serving it off the original location, Wangle will serve it to its VPN user from it’s own cloud distribution that is MUCH closer to the user.

Catch you all in a few weeks time when I will post stats on the Wangle VPN and publish the performance reports. I will also do a in depth analysis of the Wangle infrastructure via packet level interception using test encryption keys on Wireshark. This will allow us to have a look at what cloud technologies and endpoints are being leverage to deliver content to the user Faster, Secure and Compressed, with no compromise.


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