BizTalk Server and Renaming the machine – Development Templates

Hi Folks,

I would like to clear something up about this, without being too rude.

I am currently watching this video, and it is very unclear about renaming BizTalk server development environments.#

I am going to make it clear, you CAN do it and will not have problems if:

  1. Optional (Virtualised on Server 2003/2008)
  2. BizTalk is installed but not configured
  3. SQL Server is installed

This is what you do. You can give a copy of the virtual machine to another purpose, you can either sysprep, or just use the VM clone utilities like Virtual Box has. In fact I develop on Virtual Box, and all I do is take a VM template and IMPORT it using the Virtual Box Import facility, this will take care of SIDS etc.

I really have no clue, why people get into a fuss with it.

Anyways, whatever you do to “clone” the machine, once it is cloned, renamed SQL Server in Query Analyzer with this command:

sp_dropserver <old_name>


sp_addserver <new_name>, local GO

And then Configure BizTalk.

I will admit that Virtual Box has been the most stable development platform for BizTalk from my experience, VMWare has been the worst.

Easy as that.

Ok, so if anyone tells you it is not supported or causes problems, it is not true! It really irritates me when you get someone waving the MS banner and repeating others without trying it out right?

Ok cool, now that we sorted this out. You got DEV templates that can be cloned and up and running within an hour 🙂

Keep it SIMPLE! Why TIGHTLY couple a VM to a HOST? No need for Hyper-V when you can use Virtual Box, this means you can keep them on a portable drive and run it from practically any host box (MAC, LINUX, Windows).

It is amazing, we talk about loose coupling and then you get some wise cracks developing on Hyper-V. Sigh….

Use an SSD for laptop Host and run the VM off a standard second drive or if you have the cash another SSD. Have fun!

Download it here:

If you need any help setting up DEV’s for BizTalk, drop me a mail!

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