Identifying our inner urges

We all want the ability to do whatever we want, I mean in context of what our conscious will allow. In our lives we must have quick reflexes, accurate time and many skills.

The years grow shorter as we get older, and so the days get shorter. So what really matters in our lives is not the car you drive, the house you going to buy or the fantastic job you got. The ONLY thing that matters is accomplishing YOUR visions of what you want to do with the greatest priority.

For most, there is no end to desire, however let us have a look at it in another view, we must feel satisfaction in our lives. It may be the job you do, caring for the kids, surfing a magnificent wave on a cold morning or free climbing a mountain.

Todays meditation brings the realization  that we should never undercut ourselves or our ambitions, we should follow our inner desires.

We have been brought up to become “Adults”, which means what, what have schools and education been telling us? To feed the mind and not the body? To supress playfulness. A simple comparison will be a bus full of adults on the way to work with a bus full of children on their way to school, adulthood should not be boring and supressed, it should be as playful and innocent as when we were children, even if it is only 5 minutes of a day, this is the time where we can connect.

Therefore, we must identify our inner longings and dispatch them with the accuracy of an Archer.

The system that says:

Child –> School –> University –> Job –> Partner –> Mortgage –> Marriage –> Kids –>….

is out of date, our lives have endless paths to take, we should remember that nobody can penetrate the deepest parts of you, and so there is nothing to fear and nobody to impress or prove. We all have our skills and a true Team will never try change a member of the team, a true team is made whole by its parts, each being their own person, contributing their part.

So, if you feel you need to make someone proud, then you are perhaps on the wrong path, the only thing you need to impress or prove, is following that which lies dormant inside and is longing to come out and do, so if it is painting, then paint, if it is selling everything and going backpacking, then it must be done.

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