Actors Lab – Truth


Finally completed the level 4 course Truth at Darlinghurst Theatre, in this performance we explored “letting go”, a place where we can perform on stage and strike a balance between Actors Craft and letting go, release real emotions. Definitely learned allot on this course, I feel it definitely contributed to successfully passing the audition yesterday at Sydney Theatre School


The scene I had was about Myth, Propaganda and Disaster…A professor who has gone a bit insane, or perhaps is a bit to passionate in standing up for what he believes in. The conversation is between him and a colleague who both immigrated to the US from Australia. The argue over their views on why the professor has decided to write a controversial book called “Myth, Propaganda and Disaster in Nazi Germany and Contemporary America – A Comparative study.

Having a short scene, allowed me to really focus on my feelings and emotions, it was an interesting week, as allot of the time, i would have to conjure intense emotions. It is kind of like a stem cell, you build up energy in your thorax and then just feel an emotion without thinking of a scene or past event, thus transforming energy into whatever emotion is you would like to feel, this then I believe allows for a more fluid experience.

One issue I had, is during normal day activities, I would feel intense emotions because of this, as my feelings were allowed to flow more easily, making you allot more open to experiences, from an acting perspective this is great, but be careful with it in normal day to day activities, I think a new aspect for me to learn is letting go totally after the scenes.

I feel there were two many people on the course, it would have been ideal to have 8, we had 12 on the course, and this makes it very challenging for the instructor to provide the individual attention required. Met some great people on the course and new people are always a great stream to be feed with new inspirations.

Here are some pictures from the performance.



Highly recommend the actors lab, if you want to get in touch with letting go. Check out

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