Papua New Guinea, Boiling Point–Part 2

Imagine a day out on a banana boat, landing on a local island and picking chicken eggs for the day, and boiling them in a ocean volcano, followed by pine apple picking and to finally finish the day off with some ocean fishing.

It was a really fun experience hanging out with some local people on Mushu Island, and spending an awesome day out “shopping” for food.

We found some wonderful and friendly people to host us on Mushu Isalnd, which is just off the coast from Wewak. I have decided to post  bits and bobs of our experience in PNG without having a chronological order, it just makes it more fun!


Above is a map of how we get their, basically phone George and he will pick you up on a Banana boat. Let me warn you Wewak has nasty pick pockets, not violent, but they opportunists, so keep your stuff in FRONT POCKETS. We had no issues at all.


A roaming banana boat


We found some pine apples with our local friend Jorge, who lives on Mushu Isalnd.


Above we boil our eggs in the ocean volcano in Victoria Bay, by Kairiru Island.


Caught some mackerel for dinner, I used a traditional PNG fish wooden stick, if you may call it that Smile


We were well looked after with food on Mushu Island as well. We ate Bread Fruit, Fish, Chicken (Their is a chicken farm on Kairiru), Sagore and lots of other nice foods.




Again, lets keep it local, you can live with George, and he has an amazing Guest House on the island, well it is his home and he runs the guest house faultlessly.

You can contact George on:

+675 729 78746


There is great surf to be had here, best time to come is mid January to mid March. The kids here are passionate about surfing, the problem is…..and this gets to me…they do not have enough surfboards.

Has anyone thought of using the local chinese traders to get help get second surf boards over on containers? I think this can be a solution. We working with George to perhaps send him to Sydney to learn how the craft of making surfboards, so it is a possibility, either way, we should be aware that kids in PNG LOVE surfing, but don’t have the equipment, and I seen these guys surf on little wooden boards and getting barrelled off their heads!


2 thoughts on “Papua New Guinea, Boiling Point–Part 2

  1. It’s nice to read some positive comments here, especially just after reading some derogatory comments made by other travelers regarding George on Mushu island and the owners/management of other guesthouses/lodges nearby on the mainland in Wewak such as Airport Lodge (Mrs Hayward), Ralf Stuttgens Guest House and Wewak Guest House (Mrs Barry). Good to see travelers sharing positive experiences instead of focusing on expressing their trivial, negative opinions which often is incorrect and not at all helpful! Mushu is beautiful and George a great guy!

  2. Hi man, It’s Samer from Sweden. We met in PNG almost one year ago. Anyway i am in Sydney right now so u can give me a call some day. Here is the nymber – 0428405188.
    Yalla take care

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