Getting Started with Heroku ToolBelt/Neo4j on Windows

Hi Guys,

To get started with Heroku, you need a public key. If you do not have one in the

C:\Users\<YourUsername>\.ssh folder, then you get this error

D:/Program Files (x86)/Heroku/lib/heroku/auth.rb:195:in `read’: No such file or
directory – C:/Users/Romiko/.ssh/ (Errno::ENOENT)
        from D:/Program Files (x86)/Heroku/lib/heroku/auth.rb:195:in `associate_key’

looking at the source code, line 195 is ssh key generation. So what we need to do is use a utility like GitBash to do this for us:



TO get up and running with the Heroku Toolbelt on windows ensure you read:

Once you have read that and installed Heroku toolbelt

then install Git (Or use the Git bash if already installed)

Now, what you do is follow all the instructions here, you might as well ensure you have a GitHub account, its nice to put your code in a repository if developing:

You should then have these files (you might not have known hosts), if you did not connect into git


The Heroku batch file will look for the file and use it to connect to the cloud servers.

Once this is done, you can then go back to the heroku.cmd execution and login

D:\Program Files (x86)\Heroku>heroku login
Enter your Heroku credentials.
Found existing public key: C:/Users/Romiko/.ssh/
Uploading ssh public key C:/Users/Romiko/.ssh/

That is it, so hope this gets you started on Heroku Smile


Once you ran the above command, then create an application

Create Heroku Applicaton in the Cloud

D:\Program Files (x86)\Heroku>heroku apps:create Neo4jOrBust
Creating neo4jorbust… done, stack is bamboo-mri-1.9.2 |

Notice the appname is lowercase always!

Install Neo4j Addon

For this to work, you must verify the account and you will need a credit card, it will NOT be billed. Don’t sue me if it does!

Then for Neo4j, just install the addon like so

D:\Program Files (x86)\Heroku>heroku addons:add neo4j –app neo4jorbust
—–> Adding neo4j to neo4jorbust… failed
!    Please verify your account to install this add-on
!    For more information, see
!    Confirm now at

Go verify your account and then come back and run the command again


D:\Program Files (x86)\Heroku>heroku addons:add neo4j –app neo4jorbust
—–> Adding neo4j to neo4jorbust… done, (free)


Thats it!

You can then go check your addons on the web site at heroku under resources. Click databases and scroll to bottom.



Notice neo4jTest and it is free Smile Lets enable it



Notice, the urls for the webadmin site and rest url, you all set to work with Neo4j now Smile

Thats it, have fun!


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