First Cross Country milestone–Paragliding

It was Friday afternoon and Jamal and I checked out the charts for the weather and the conditions were looking good! We headed off to Manilla Paragliding in NSW at 4am on Saturday. I have been itching to fly after only being back at work for 3 days, all I can think of is to fly!

I took off form Mount Borah West and the wind was strong, whilst soaring the ridge I got parked and felt very uncomfortable, used a little speed bar to get out ahead and then did some figure of eights to gain height and turn and burn over the mountain to avoid rotor winds and turbulence on the lee side of the mountain.

Once I got over the mountain, it was all about looking at the ground for some trigger points where thermals would be released.

When I finally could see Barraba, it dawned on me that I have made my first real cross country flight and the feeling I had inside was fantastic, it is hard to describe, perhaps some form of euphoria!

I met some awesome pilots and some crazy pilots whilst away on the Christmas season, and learnt as much as I can about the art of flying, there is so much to learn and I am looking forward to learning as much as I can.

Paragliding has opened up a new avenue where you can be at the mercy of natures wrath and meet amazing people who are just as crazy!

Here is the flight path and data, just like life, it has it’s up’s and downs! Sunday, was not as great, but still a lovely flight, the conditions were very thermic on Sunday and stable, bombed out in the north west and had a long walk back for 4 hours in 45 degree heat, lesson learned? Carry lots of water and have a back up plan if you need a pick up!







Well, that’s it, if you would like to try out something new and exciting and challenge yourself mentally, then Paragliding is definitely worth a try!

Manilla Paragliding

I would highly recommend going to Manilla Paragliding, cool people and an awesome teacher. Check out

Into the sun



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