Short Film, Roger”

It has been two weeks since we filmed “Roger”. This has been a truly inspiring experience and the professionalism demonstrated by everyone at The Central Coast Screen Co-op, check their website Central Coast Screen Co-Op

It was the first time I have done a film and found it challenging especially when playing the lead role. The first day went really well and I was impressed by the commitment and professional of the entire crew.

The first day of filming was at the house where Roger’s mother lived, Roger is picking up his childhood pet Parrot and exchanging some banter with his girlfriend Mandy. We also then shot the end of the film which involved driving a car and swerving off the side of the road. I was damn nervous not to swerve to much and slam the breaks to late and then plough into 20 crew members! So thanks guys for trusting me not to mow you all down!

The second day was all done within the car in front of a green screen. It was very exciting and a new experience as you really had to visualise and use your imagination whilst being cooped up inside a garage with 30 crew members trying their best to get the best shots. This I found the most challenging aspect for acting, here we had to create our own external stimuli.

The start of day 2 was a tad slow, until about lunch time when everything started to flow more nicely, however it was a challenge to keep emotions at bay, especially when you want to perform at your best and you know you can do better.

I have definitely learnt allot from the experience and had an amazing time with everyone from the crew. It felt like I had gone an a holiday and had a short term affair with someone special.

Here are some pictures from the day, and would like to thank all those involved on such a great weekend together.


Keep your eyes posted here and hopefully in coming months “Roger” will be ready to watch!

Of course, always good to have the crew list at the end Smile

Writer and Concept

John Blackhawk


Al Brooks


Robert Doyle


Graeme Mitchell

DoP/Camera Op

Brendan Palmer

1st Assitant Director

Mark Ferris

1st Assistant Camera

Max Gersbach

2st Assistant Camera

Kate Cornish

Sound Recordist

Peter Henskens

Boom Operator

Terry Wunsch


Daniel Grey

Prod Designer

Ty Batterham

Standby Props

Daniel Mitchell


Samantha Thompson

Script Supervisor

Liesl Bamback

Data Wrangler

Katey Freyburg

Unit Manager

Nathan Dalton

Bird Wrangler

Kylie Cooke

Stills Photographer

Stefan Sroczynsk

Production Assistant

Christopher Kaye

Production Assistant

John Blackhawk

Production Assistant

Al Brooks

Catering Assistant

Ryan Montgomery

Catering Assistant



Romiko Derbynew


Cathy Burnside

Polly (V/O)

Cathy Burnside

Samantha (V/O)

Meg Macintosh

Patricia (V/O)

Gianna Pattison

Blue One (V/O)

John Blackhawk

Blue Three (V/O)

Al Brooks


Katey Freyburg

Assistant Editor

Christopher Kaye

Assistant Editor

Mark Ferris

CGI Effects Artist

Alex Burgess


Jenny Harkin

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