Learning Field Guiding in Southern Africa


I have been spending the last 2 and half months living in the bush between Selati and Karongwe game reserve in Southern Africa, within the Limpopo province.

I am currently studying my FGASA level 1 with Ecotraining

We have been working on Tracking, Navigation, Survival, 4×4 Drives and learning loads about Mammals, Big 5, Insects, Trees and much more!

I was very privileged to encounter a Cheetah on foot, and here are some pictures that I would love to share with you.

Ecotraining is an awesome training provider, and the quality of training is superb, everyday, we go on drives and walks. This week, we have ben walking in the bush with a rifle for 4 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the afternoon, carrying a rifle as well, to learn rifle handling techniques and safety.

Typical day is:

  • Wake up at 4am
  • Coffee and a rusk
  • 5am Walk
  • 10:30am Breakfast
  • Theory
  • Exercise (Gay Time Gym)
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon walk/drive
  • Campfire and chilling
  • Get lucky with elephants next to your tent at night!

It can be very easy to over eat in the bush and exercise is a must. I started a gym group called Gay Time gym, where we do Yoga, sit-ups, pushups and many other core exercises. We also play ultimate Frisbee to keep fit as a fiddle!

It is awesome taking time out to live a simple and rewarding life style out in the bush.

I have produced a Game called Ranger Rom. You can download it for Tablet and Phone on both Android and Apple. Please download and have a play, it will teach you about wildlife.

Google Play

Apple Store

I will be off to Botswana for December, and hope to get some awesome experiences out there. Until then, Succulent Karoo!


MG 7068

MG 7100

MG 7156

MG 7289

MG 7317

MG 7467

MG 7490

MG 7854

MG 7821

MG 7819

MG 7781

MG 7648

IMG 8262

IMG 8502

IMG 8571

IMG 8609


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