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Windows Azure SDK 1.6–CSX folder output breaking change..again..


Automated deployments with SDK 1.6 have been broken with TeamCity.

Location of CSX folder in build output changed.

Location of CSRUN.exe moved to emulator folder.


Before, when using the MSBUILD targets, the csx folder that is needed by CSRUN.exe for automated deployments has been changed, what is worse, is the old csx folder location is not cleaned up and is partially there, so to the untrained eye you think it is still there!

Also note, you will need to change the path of csrun.exe as this has been moved.

Old Location


New Location


Why does the old location with impartial files still exist? Not sure…Because this was my new error when I tried to deploy.

The compute emulator had a error: Can’t locate service descriptions


Now the new location with all files


TeamCity Artefacts fix

Notice the new relative path to the project is \csx\release and not bin\release\MyProject.csx.



This is not the first time, that we get breaking changes. In 1.5 allot of the MSBuild target names changed, they were fine the way they were, sometimes I just do not understand certain changes that did not really need to be made.

So, can anyone explain why the folder before in bin\MyprojectName.csx was changed to a directory level up from bin and called only csx, it just seems to be changes that we really can do without, or is their some grand planned scheme that will make this change so exciting in the future…who knows?