Adobe Experience Manager – Setup Azure Devops CICD


CI/CD Git Flow

Above we can see that we would like our developers to push to their own git repo (Customer Git = Azure Devops).

From here we can then Sync Azure git with AEM Cloud Manager Git.

Below is a sample build pipeline you can use in Azure Devops.


  batch: true
    - master

- name: remote_git
  value: rangerrom/africa-p46502-uk11112

- stage: AEM_Cloud_Manager
  - job: Push_To_Cloudmanager
    timeoutInMinutes: 10
    condition: succeeded()
      clean: all
    #steps: [ script | bash | pwsh | powershell | checkout | task | templateReference ]
    - task: AzureKeyVault@1
      displayName: pull secrets
        azureSubscription: PROD
        KeyVaultName: mykeyvault
        SecretsFilter: aem_dm_cm_credentials
    - checkout: self
      clean: true
    - bash: echo "##vso[task.setvariable variable=git_ref]https://$(aem_dm_cm_credentials)$(remote_git)/"
      displayName: Set remote adobe git URL 
    - bash: git remote add adobe $(git_ref)
      displayName: Add git remote to Adobe CloudManager
    - bash: cat .git/config
      displayName: Show git config
    - bash: git checkout $(Build.SourceBranchName)
      displayName: Checkout $(Build.SourceBranchName) branch
    - bash: git push -f -v adobe $(Build.SourceBranchName)
      displayName: Push changes from $(Build.SourceBranchName) branch to Adobe CloudManager

That is pretty much the minimum required to sync the two git repos. Happy AEMing and building your CMS solution.

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